Many of our students go on to live their lives in the most amazing ways, here are a few of their stories...

Many of the students that attend North Cotes College express gratitude for the changes that the different courses have brought to their lives.

From the biblical studies course to the cross cultural communications and applied linguistic studies, students go in to the world equipped in ways they often couldn't ever have imagined before attending North Cotes College.
Below are a few of the many testimonials that we have received from students from all over Europe.  They are so grateful for their time with us and the differences made to them and their lives as Christians.
Some have felt called by God to a life of mission work, others have returned to their home towns and  countries to continue life amongst the people they grew up with, now better equipped to understand God's will in their lives. 

Student from Biblical Studies

  • During my time at North Cotes College I have grown closer to God.
  • I have a greater understanding of the Bible. 
  • Since returning to my home church I have been able to encourage others to consider taking a year out to attend this course.

Student from Cross-Cultural Communications course

  • Heading to the Philippines for 5 months to consider my options in serving there full time.
  • I will get the opportunity to experience support work and tribal work.
  • I'm excited to see how God will use this time to guide me.

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Family in PNG

  • After 1 month on the field we are so thankful for the CCC course.
  • The training was spot on.
  • We are already applying principles we learnt. 
  • Great Tech Tips module. We have just ordered our solar electric system.

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