North Cotes College offers you a full range of biblically based missionary training all in one location.

Biblical Studies (1 year course)

The Biblical Studies course is designed to establish believers in the foundational truths of the Bible. It is the first phase of missionary training with NTM. The course is also open to those who only want to deepen their understanding of God's Word. We encourage an appreciation for the Word of God and its application in daily life.

Cross-Cultural Communications (1 year course)

The Cross-Cultural Communications course is designed to equip believers practically and spiritually for the task of evangelisation and church planting amongst unreached people groups. All our CCC staff have overseas missions experience. The course covers key subjects that enable the Christian worker to effectively communicate across cultural and linguistic barriers. Its unique blend of theory and hands-on practise is designed to, not only give you the skills for cross-cultural evangelism, but also develop your walk with the Lord so you can have an impact on this world for Him.

This is the second phase of missionary training with NTM. The course is also open to others who may have done Bible training elsewhere, who are in mature standing within their local church, and who specifically want training in cross cultural ministry. We offer the course both to those who wish to join NTM and to those who wish to serve with other mission organisations.

Applied Linguistics (1 year course)

The Applied Linguistics course is provided for those Cross-Cultural Communications students who show a special aptitude in language structure. The course specialises in gaining advanced techniques for analysing unwritten languages. It focuses on accurately describing the sound systems and the grammatical structure of a language which will be used in making an alphabet and a dictionary in that particular language. All of this is necessary in order to teach literacy as well as to translated the Bible within an ethnic language group setting.


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